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A bit like at home, every day we offer you a choice between starters, first courses and main courses,
cooked with fresh, seasonal ingredients. All our dishes are strictly home-made, including bread and breadsticks.
This important care allows us to serve you quality and wellness.

If you would like to book a place in the restaurant or simply request some information,
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Our cuisine is given by the precise choice of local products, by the careful preparation and by the full compliance with the biological cycle of the animals and of its supply chain. The dishes of Casa Leon d’Oro Restaurant are mainly made with raw materials of local farms or small producers of the Lessinia Natural Park, bringing to our table tase and tradition, too.


"A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine”
Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755 – 1826), a famous politician and French gastronome, said.

Following the Lessinia tradition, in Casa Leon d’Oro, local products and above all wines
are the undisputed protagonist for dynamic banquets, tastings and new challenges to savour. We have chosen to mainly serve you small, local winemakers’ wines who work for the love of it and emphasize perseverance and research for their products.
We consider really important that also you could understand and touch these values through proper tastings evening and the presence of producers themselves that can tell you their story about land, sun and passion.

Azienda Agricola Roccolo Grassi
Azienda Agricola Dama del Rovere
Azienda Agricola Marco Mosconi
Azienda Agricola Novaia
Azienda Agricola Terre di Gnirega
Azienda Agricola Portinari
Azienda Agricola Monte dei Ragni
Azienda Agricola Zanoni Pietro
Azienda Agricola Terre di Pietra
Azienda Agricola Terre di Molina
Azienda Agricola Bertani
Azienda Agricola Fornaser
Azienda Agricola Moser
Azienda Agricola Villa Spinosa
Azienda Agricola Zymè
Azienda Agricola Giovanni Menti
Azienda Agricola Monte Saline